Mythical spark of ultos +2 wind devils

the wind devil mod on mythical spark of ultos only adds 1 additional summon even though the mod says +2 summon. i guess that’s why the cyclone set says +4 summon, to get out all 4 (3 +1 summon limit) wind devils at once. could we up this on the weapon for ease of mind?

I think that’s a big deal - maybe you should shift the topic to Bug Reports?

This is not a bug. It adds +2 to your total points in the Wind Devils skill. It does not say +2 Summon Limit to Wind Devil. The key word is “Limit”, if that’s missing it doesn’t increase the number of Wind Devils you can summon. It’s a common mistake several people have made over the years.

guess i didn’t bring across what i meant - and it was so clear in my mind… :smiley: i know it does not add to the summon limit, it adds to how many are summoned at a time. base summon limit is 3, cyclone adds 1 summon limit and has +4 summon, so the set actually summons 4 at a time. (presumably if cyclone had +3 summon it would only summon 3 at a time.) the mod +2 summon on the spark makes it so you summon 2 devils at a time. since the base summon limit is 3 it would be nice if it summoned all 3 at a time. like i said, just for convenience.

Ah, I’m with you.

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