Mythical Tinker’s Ingenuity a bit too lacking since update

With the belt losing the phys res and also having the health regen lowered makes it very hard to justify this belt now over other options that were generally better anyway; the better option was nearly always to go with a +1 skill to class and % damage belt with nice affixes, combined with either relic or medal for the health regen/circuit breaker.

The reason to play the belt before this change was to have a weak quasi circuit breaker, allowing use of an interesting relic, but without the quasi circuit breaker and its full health regen its just not worth playing compared to a strong affix +1 MI belt and the right supporting medal or relic.

Using the Tinker’s belt blocks you from using +1 belts, or conversions, or certain strong set belts, which helped with its balance.

As a solution, maybe it should have flat armour added to the proc to offset the loss of phys res, but then is it too similar to Golemborn boots.
That said it would be nice to have another source of flat armour.

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+1 to armor suggestion.

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At the very beginning I’m quite confused why this belt was nerfed, because I haven’t seen many builds using that.

If it was to reach the goal of “Physical Resist is now available in more restricted gear slots, and in smaller amounts”, and even phys res granted by a proc should be reduced, then why relic Serenity escaped from the disaster?

Till now I’m still confused. Maybe we need a developer here to explain that.

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80 seconds skill recharge, with no means to reduce it. Maybe that is the reason? I rarely see it used here. And yes - Tinker’s belt got hit hard, not a great change.


Maybe I didn’t state it clear. I was not saying relic Serenity should also get a nerf. It was, just that, Tinker’s Ingenuit nerf feels too confusing.