Mythical versions needed!

I think many forum members thought at least once ‘damn, why this epic\legendary do not have mythical version!’
Last one I thought about was Devil’s Grin\Empowered Devil’s Grin, it could be nice boost to S&B or gun-n-shield (as mine one) chaos builds.
Share your thoughts about it! What items definetely must have Myth version, but still dont?

Mythical Will of Fate.

Maybe the devs thought it’d be OP, but WoF is one of the slowest weapons in the game, so it’s really not.

I agree, we need more mythicals. Personally, I would like to see a mythical prismatic eviscerator :cool:

From what I can tell there are no Mythical versions of any epic gear that allows duel wielding pistols. Until you manage to get ahold of certain Legendaries, lvl65 Empowered epics are the highest you can find.

Earthscorcher should have gotten a mythical version. Proc is awesome but stats on it are pretty weak.