Mythical Wyrmbone Handguards - The impossible loot? (spoiler : NOOOOOO. it's not anymore)

Hi !
Just a simple question : After many hours of gaming (3000+), many different characters across the whole game (including DLCs), I still haven’t managed to get the blueprint of the mythical wyrmbone handguards. I tried everything: farming nemesises, treasure troves routine, Shattered Realm and since the last update, totem hunting.
Of course, I was able to almost complete all of the legendaries (sets included) and it is a great satisfaction for future builds but I wonder if something makes the drop of this blueprint in particular, completely inaccessible. This one and the Avatar of Mercy blueprint.
I even squandered my stocks of rare materials in gambling with Bella and Algosia Fald. I do not wish to trade, at least for the moment.
So, I just wanted to know if other players had experienced the same kind of concerns, perhaps with other items and not necessarily the ones I just mentioned.
I do not despair :slight_smile: I have an Elementalist who is waiting for the last piece of his equipment to finally go to war.
But it’s frustrating …
Thank you !!

Nope, they definitely do drop, same for M. Avatar of Mercy as I have both learnt. I do not use any 3rd party program that can hack in items and the only BPs I’ve ever traded for and obtained that I recall are 1 or 2 Conduits. Never any armour pieces.

You’re just getting plain unlucky if you haven’t found them, there’s a lot of blueprints for craftable gear. I’m still continuing to find new ones after hundreds or thousands of hours of play time.

It’d be nice if there was a blueprint checklist so one could find out how many blueprints they have, and subsequently how bad their odds of getting more blueprints is. Considering Grimtools says that there’s 691 blueprints going by hand would take ages.

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a blueprint checklist - that would be awesome. The game must store the blueprint list somewhere for the blacksmith - a grimtool that gives a checklist like shrines and chest can be made

Just unlucky, SR chests drop a lots of BP.

You’re undoubtedly right. To this point, treasure troves have stopped dropping blueprints, for a while. It would seem that they have a limit in terms of potential. Limit I may have reached.
I will soon finish the list of armor sets related to FG (Hopefully one-handed weapons and pistols are, for the moment, the rarest to drop. So, I have still something to find, through a “normal” gameplay). In a sense, it’s a bit of a shame to reap little by little (and without really wanting to) everything that exists, because of a single object that hides from your research, but after having spent so many hours on Grim Dawn, anyway, the entire collection will eventually be acquired sooner or later.

ah treasure troves, I haven’t seen any blueprints out of them for quite some time, hell I only get blueprints in about 1 in every 3 SR75 runs. And I definitely don’t have them all

oh god … OH GOD !!!
It dropped !!
At last, it dropped !!!
A whole month of daily routines and SR crossings …
I am as happy as a kid. An obsessive kid though.
I don’t care about empty streets because of the quarantine, empty shops and the silence that seems to spread, little by little, over my neighborhood.
I don’t care about this fucking virus.
Because I have my handguards.

AH AH !!!


:grava_yes: :clap:

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