Nadaan's Reach

Please bring back the conversion to Nadaan
It was a good way to build pierce Runebinder Infiltrator/Tactician. Now its nessecary to use non dedicated belt for elemental conversion

The conversion change on Nadaan was a part of balancing against abusing converted Blade Spirits that already was adjusted in the latest patch


+1 from me. The now-existing conversion on Nadaan is just ridiculous as it’s useless. And this also destroyed the diversity a bit as I dunno how mentioned pierce setups work now.
Please consider returning the conversion.

There was a previous thread from @mad_lee that suggested putting back ele to pierce conversion but lowering it to like 25% (or was it 30?) average. I’d still support that. Tbh getting that old 60% average conversion was a bit overpowered since you can get nearly full conversion with just that and a bladetwister, hell with high rolls you get 100% for every 2h melee pierce build with no real tradeoffs. You wanna use Nadaan anyway cause there’s no other good 2h pierce melee weapon out there. At least with less conversion, getting that 100% still needs some sacrifices while not needing as much as we currently do.

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