Namadea's Eye doesn't drop in SR?

I realised I haven’t seen this medal among SR loot. Namadea's Eye - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database

I am not sure that I’m just incredibly unlucky or it doesn’t drop or SR but if it’s the latter, then just why? We can get both Kymon and Vigil’s drops.

doesn’t drop
same with kaisan eye
anasteria leggings
skeleton key dungeon boss MIs
Zantai wants world map farming to still have a purpose :man_shrugging:


All those have a logic that I already accept and support. But to get Namadea’s eye one need to be enemy with Borrowholm
a choice that can not be undone without GDstash(I’m not even sure that’s possible with it though). And choosing Borrowholm means you can’t try to kill Ravager with that character. Which is sometimes okay
when you’re making a squishy build. But a character is more than a build
you can respec into some other things and the choice is already done so you can’t try Ravager with it. Right now I have only one character that’s enemy with Borrowholm, other ı already deleted and re-level because I wanted to face with Ravager with those builds.


That’s the beauty of GD, decisions matter

take it up with the big man,
plenty of people wish XY item could drop in cruci or SR, haven’t prevented unique items from getting removed from their drop pool over the years
my guess is it’s to sorta put some weight behind that choice and maintain a dichotomy in its theme, in effect trading one unique for another (ravagers helm doesn’t drop in SR/Cruci either :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

There needs to be SOME mechanical reason to side against Barrowholm, right? Even if that reason is small and specific, such as for Namadea’s MIs. Don’t take that away. I mean you can already get Reaper’s pants in SR/Cruci.

Otherwise there would be literally 0% reason to side against Barrowholm. Most people already side with them right now for the augments and/or to fight Ravager.

Addendum: If it really bothers you, you can have one dedicated anti-Barrowholm character. I farm with that one character when/if I need anything from Namadea. All the rest, you’re free to beat up Ravager with as you please.


This. It’s what I did when I wanted to farm one of the 3 Wendigo medals specifically and has been nice for hunting Reaper pants on characters I want them for, sure I could run Crucible/SR for those but I prefer getting as many Reaper pants as possible to try for good affixes rather than trying my luck with the chance of every set of Nemesis pants/shoulders dropping to begin with, then hoping I get Reaper’s and with some of the affixes or stats I want.

Finally, if I find I need or want any of the Cannibal guns or other Wendigo MIs in the future as well, I have access to a dungeon that is densely packed with them and Namadea with her unique items at the very end.

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Okay okay, I accept choosing Borrowholm should have some kind of advantage but comparing namadea MIs with Ravager Helmet, Rougelike MIs or nemesis MIs is just silly. I do farm main campaign
a lot and since I don’t use gdstash, I go ugdenbog area to farm ugdenblooms a lot. So my intention wasn’t like this ‘‘Oh I don’t want to farm in main campaign for an MI while there is easy SR’’ nope, I just checked and realized I had no extra Namadea Eyes since I farmed it for my Reaper. Anyway I just asked why andalready got good answers thanks :smiley: