Nane's Stash Quest Item Question


I have this quest item in my inventory and am not sure what I need to do with it, if anything after I find the stash. Is it with me forever or did i miss something to “use” it correctly? I didn’t think I could have this collected multiples of these in different runs like other quest item drops…

Thanks in advanced!

it’s just a lore note, drop it, sell it

Hey there, and thanks for the reply. I just want to be clear that I’m referring to the purple quest item (shown below), and not a lore note.


then you’re playing a mod
in vanilla Grim Dawn all you get is a lore note(which isn’t needed itself) that auto starts the quest by looting it

Interesting, the only mod I run is GD_Tools.

Well if I’m not missing anything I’ll stop worrying about it.

Thanks for the insight!


no idea how you did it, spawned it with gdstash? but somehow you looted “without consuming” the quest item/token trigger - which isn’t suppose to happen, normally it should be “consumed” when you click the item from the chest and just give you the lore note