Naren Kur's blade and chaos witchblades

Been running a rather unorthodox dual wielding witchblade based on pure chaos cadence and lifesteal (wielding two myth Fangs of Ch’thon). Today, I came about an absolute babe of this new item, void-touched and of fury.

Would like to hear everyone’s opinion on the quality of this new MI and if it’d be worth it to relocate a few of my points to raise up Markovian’s advantage, replacing one of my Fangs. Any and all feedback would be much appreciated.

Must say something I don’t like about that sword is the pierce ratio and no flat chaos on the item itself, but it turns out give better damage than the Servitor’s Corruptor if you have lots of physical to chaos conversion or when Abominable Might proc. The build I speak of is this chaos cadence It gains about 1k more damage when that proc active, but when it’s not active it damage is 500 lower compared when using Servitor, also remember that Servitor have better attack speed.

Another I found is that sword could make an interesting option for Chaos Warlord despite that combination lacks of chaos damage like this

If you want to use Cadence, you use Servitors, ultimately.

However, one (or even two) Naren Kur blades can be used well on a Rah’zin Witchblade.

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