Nastiest character build?

What is the nastiest build you can think of that fits the ‘evil’ archetype? (based on lore and abilities).

Vitality based conjurers.

Occultist because well. Occultists.

And vitality shamans because they’ve been corrupted by the wendigo spirit.

I do like the idea of Bloody Pox, but I never found a build worthy of it.

It exists.

Was just about to link him that build. :stuck_out_tongue:

The dark one’s set is relatively easy to farm as well.

A black flame Deceiver is quite fun to watch.
Chaos vitality Flames of Ign looks so dope!
And the look possession adds to your character is pretty nasty for your case.

Whats more nasty than literally throwing feces from your soiled trousers onto enemies

We got those too :stuck_out_tongue: