NB Cold based build help

Plan on making a 2H Nightblade with Ring of Steel and Shadow Strike being my primary attacks…will also have Veil of Shadow going. Primarily focusing on cold damage.

My question is, what would be the best 2nd mastery to take with this build?

Try arcanist, flash freeze is amazing and will synergize well with your cold build. Plus Iskandra’s Elemental Exange will boost your attack damage.

Arcanist or Shaman.

Arcanist has good cold spells, Shaman has a lot of cold set items that work with it.

I’m doing something very similar, except with Blade Burst instead of Ring of Steel. I went with Soldier as a secondary for added toughness, but Arcanist is also a solid (possibly better) choice. Shaman works well if you’re playing a caster but won’t help your particular build much.

+1 to Caudheur`s suggestion.

I’d also go with arcanist, although I wouldn’t go 2h melee. Rifle build with blade burst is strong. Also I’m not a fan of the elemental exchange line, but it could be alright to fill in for the lack of conversion. End game I’m looking at 65% conversion 35% piercing, so I don’t see a point to it. I’d go for a 100% conversion but that doesn’t look possible.