Necormancer feedback

Firstly I would like to say that I’m really enjoying the necromancer, it feels great, particularly as a Cabalist with curses, something very close to the old D2 experience for me, which is what I measure all other necromancer type characters against, as I’m sure many others do. I do have a few nitpicks, but they’re mostly UI based really.

  1. I would like skeletons to be displayed in the left hand side of the screen with all the other pets.

  2. Targeting of the minion summon skills has been raised in this excellent thread, to add my two-pen’orth, the way that summoning targeting works should at least be consistent. Personally I agree with Zantai, and would prefer all pets to have targetable locations; if I blow up my blight fiend and hellhound, I want to be able to target them on whatever my next priority is, not what I happen to be closest to.

  3. This one might be more contentious, but I would prefer to be able to specify the skeleton-type that I summon. I don’t think any of the types are “bad” as other posts have, but I would be able to modify my play-style against different enemies, e.g. archers positioning works a bit like a protective wall, and seems good against fast enemies that come to you, whereas melee is better against slower, ranged enemies, charging them down and allowing you to be a bit more fire and forget in your pet management, allowing you to have (usually) slightly better management of your rotation of curses and active skills.

2 and 3 are both not huge things for me, but I really just don’t understand why number 1 was implemented the way it was, and would love someone from Crate to try and chime in and explain.

#1 I’m betting on screen real estate.

Blighty, raven, hound then eight or more skeletons is going to demand quite a sizeable amount of space.

I don’t think they should have separate portraits, just one for all skeletons (or each skeleton type if they implemented that part. Which has appeared again on the front page as a suggestion).

Also I just noticed I misspelled the summary. How embarrassing.