Necro and skeletons

The necromancer spell raise skeleton should have an icon just like all other pets, but also a number to show how many there are.

that would help A LOT.

They do. It’s just down at the bottom where the buffs/auras are.

Ouch. Can’t believe i didn’t see that while playing. I feel small now. I’ll go hide.

It does tend to hide because it’s not where you expect to see pets hang out. Been asked for a few times to move it up with the other pets, but no change.

If I had to guess, I ´d say the will not “move it up with the other pets”, because Necro skeletons aren´t normal pets. First of all there are different kinds, and they actually change again if you invest more points in the skill.
People´d ask to see how many mages or bowmen they currently have and so on, plus they tend to die quickly and you have to recast them quite often would be a mess. :wink:

All the more reason to have their icon with the other pets so you can see what’s going on more easily. Yeah, I can see some people would want a breakdown, but as it’s random not sure that would even be possible. I just find it irritating trying to keep an eye on what’s going on when all my other pets are in one location with the skellies in a separate one. Plus being smaller and round it’s easily missed amongst all the other auras/buffs you may have.

Fully agree :smiley:

Even playing as a pure Necro you end up with pet icons in both places, skellies down the bottom and the Fiend at the top

Yeah, I’ve got one I’m playing currently and have Fiend and the Wisp up near the top with skellies down along with Spectral Binding and Master of Death.

It’s been that long since I actually played I thought the wisp was down the bottom, but shows how bad my memory is :smiley: