Necro concept - is this possible?

My first thought on seeing the new classes was to have a necro summoning meat shields while toting a gun/rifle, killing from range (it could also be a caster, just the range was appealing since it seems to take advantage of the shielding of pets).

If this was viable, which would be the best mastery for guns? Inquisitor has some good gun buffs, Pain word and healing but other masteries might be better?

One thing putting me off the idea, from reading other posts is that most people looking at gun builds are simply buffing the guns as much as possible from both masteries. So I’m worried that the guns part may be underpowered if I only devote one mastery to it.

Also, I’m worried that there may be issues with aggro - as with lots of pet builds that have the toon actually trying to do something - so it might be best to build a strong single-target gun skill so that we can kill bosses and we’re only attacking one minor mob at a time (but aiming to one-shot them).

Is this idea completely nuts or might it work?

You’re pets are going to be useless without focusing on them.

My limited understanding of summoner builds in this game is that you can’t do both ranged damage, and pets. I mean you can, but you’ll wind up spread too thin. You have to pick one.

You can get some nice tank stats for pets from devotion, especially with that new one up at the top. Added benefit is most of constellations that give pet tankiness also give player tank stats. I believe wolf is running a build kind of like what you want, except that he is running aether ray for his ranged damage. Might check out his stream and ask for his take on it.

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I think if you want a pet to tank for you while not focused on pets, you should use one that scales with player stats from a celestial power. I don’t think it’ll actually do much tanking for you though. Raise the Dead and Living Shadow are 2 such options. The next best thing is probably shaman’s Summon Briarthorn, though necro’s Summon Blight Fiend might also be a decent tank.

So if you want to combine necro with guns, I think that’s definitely viable, but without a 2nd mastery to boost your gun attacks they won’t be great, and without a focus on pets they won’t be great either. If you wanted to go non-necro then you have better options like shaman + inquisitor or something.

Thanks all for posting your thoughts.

It seems like a potentially tricky build that I should put on the back burner for a time when I can farm some items to play around with off-centre builds.