Necromancer starter advice

Hi there!

It’s been a while since i’ve played and i just bought the expansion and was thinking about rolling a necromancer.

I wanted to ask some advice on which other class to pick both for the first levelling run (finishing game on normal difficulty) and for long term planning?

Also perhaps: which necromancer skills should i start out with for the first two acts?

Any advice is welcome!


The best early game skill is skeletons they really good early game. My golden rule is take them and respec out of them later once you got the skill points & gear to switch to your real build.

Skellies plus ravenous earth will chew through everything in the early game.

Skellies sometimes disappear quickly when fighting a boss, so it’s good to have another way to kill mobs. Also, ravenous earth is both highly damaging when built up and relatively mana efficient.

^ This

I re-specced into Reaper at level 30-ish and use d/w, aiming for cold / vitality damage. Will re-specc again into 2H when I get the right gear.

Maxed out Ravenous Earth and it’s modifiers are excellent. Offensive power against single/large groups, reduces damage of monsters and drops resists by chance on death.

It’s fantastic! Get to a decent level, then respec out when desired.

Thanks for the answers so far, very helpful!

A few follow up questions if i might:

What should i put my stat points into in the first 20-30 levels?

About the second class: any recommandations and also around which level to pick them? Can i easily go solo necromancer the first 20-30 levels?

Thanks in advance!

Everything into physique for the first 65-75 levels would be a solid plan.

You can easily get to level 30 (or 40, even 50) with a single mastery, especially with minions taking a fair amount of aggro for you.

I go mainly Phys but with a little Spirit and Cunning for damage boost / gear.

You can finish veteran with one mastery quite comfortably with the right build.