Necromancer Summon limit

So am I missing something or is the summon limit not working as it is suppose to? I have managed to get my Raise skeletons skill up to lvl 20, with this it says that my summon limit is 8. I have also got my Undead Legion skill up to lvl 14 which is suppose to increase my summon limit by +5. However I seem to be only able to summon 8 instead of the 13 skeletons. Is this a bug?

Dude, plz read more carefully before posting!
U embarrassed us necromancers!

naw ain’t a bug, you have a base 3 skeletons you can raise, then you can get up to 7 more with lvl 20+ undead legion for a total of 10. then you can dual wield warden’s judgement/mythical valepiercer or mythical guardian of death’s gates (2h melee) for 2 more bringing the max theoretical skele to 12.

Thanks for the quick reply’s! Ah I see what you mean they be just totaling it up in the skill itself, gotcha!