Necromancer - Tomb of the watchers

Running Veteran mode - build

Bosses in this instance, is completely unkillable as a Necromancer.

Takes close to zero damage, even when kiting for 30 minutes, they regain health to 100% immediately when they stop following you. The worlds most expensive acid buff and acid resistance dosent help. I have had 1 boss down to around 86% max, and burnt everything I had build up i potions, including nearly 200 Health flasks.

I ran around farming mobs for 2 lvls, jo to get some exp, but the dungeon just raises the lvl acording to you.

I cant build the next bridge, which need 10.000 iron, and I have 1.000.000??

Cheers for a fantastic game.

Sorry, but what you’re reporting isn’t a bug in the game, but probably a bad build on your part. If you get your post count up to 3 then you can use to show us your skill setup and maybe we can help you. To select the masteries section either press “S” or click on the book on the bottom lefthand side of the UI. When you’ve entered the info click on the second icon down on the lefthand side of the screen and copy the link that appears then paste it here so we can see it.

Which bridge are you talking about?

If a boss is posing problems for you then you need to take a look at your build. You should be able to mow this guy down with your pet army if it’s built decently. Upload your build to and shoot me a pm with the link, or post it in the build section, if you’d like assistance

You might need more than money to repair the bridge, maybe some scrap? :wink:

amazing. 2 civil reply with helpful information in response to a soft core flame/rage gripe. well done.