Necromancer's Deathgrips Are Really Frustrating

And not because they’re oddly designed. But the proc itself is actually really irksome to work with because of its 1 second cooldown. If it procs too often in a given fight, you’ll just keep despawning a previously-spawned Spirit as you spawn more and more spirits from killing enemies. So the spirits rarely ever actually get any use as they’ll usually just repetitively respawn.

Proposed solution? Remove spawn limit but increase the cooldown of the proc to 5-6 seconds. Keep duration and everything else as-is.

Finally made a build that could make good use of this item if the spawns from the item were actually practical to work with. And man, being a Necromancer with this item (and Raise the Dead) is actually a lot of fun.

That is all. :slight_smile:

The exact situation you’re describing was literally the first concern i had about raise the dead way back when they previewed it before devotions were released. Sucks that those gloves work like that :frowning: