Need a bit of help picking the right 2nd class as necro


As it is my first time playing Necro i like to test out different skills, so i am looking for the best secondary class combination with necro that gives the highest posibility for variation.

looking at 4 different combinations:

Spellbinder (Necro/Arcanist) - Mostly Vit/Aether drain essence build as they have set for it.

Reaper (Necro/NB) - Acid/Cold DW Blade harvest || Vit/cold Drain essence (?) Lack of support || Vit/Cold 2H (with soulrend) Blade harvest, though this one is abit puzzling to me for the lack of support for Vit/cold builds both in items and devotion, seems an obvious bombo for the class.

Cabalist (Necro/Occultist) - possibly the best combination for pets || Vit focused essence drain (?) || some melee variant.

Ritualist (Necro/Sham) - Good choice for pets || 2H (or possibly DW) savagery with some conversion, maybe use Korba set || Vit focused essence drain

Would love to hear your thoughts on this and what you think would give the most variation as i am a bit perplexed and unsureā€¦