Need a little advice for mostly melee Witch Hunter

So I’m trying to build a mostly melee Witch hunter (I say mostly because I’m taking Dreeg’s Evil Eye), and I’m hoping to get some advice from some veteran players. As I have yet to get a character to 85 I don’t know if this build is end game viable. Anyway, here is the link, including devotions…

Any advice on what you might change would be appreciated, but my major concerns are…

  • What the Stat distribution should be, I was thinking something like 1:1 Physique and Cunning, but I’m worried that no points in Spirit will gimp my Poison/Cold damage. As I understand it, Cunning is better for melee and Spirit is better for casters?
  • Should I just take out Dreeg’s Evil Eye and use the points elsewhere?
  • I’m wondering if Phantasmal Armor and Targo devotion for armor is worth it, or a waste of points for this build
  • I only have 15 mastery points in the Occulist tree and I’m worried that will hurt me stat wise end game

It seems you focus on acid/poison and cold damage.

DW witch hunter has too many good skills and so not enough skill points to get them all. I suggest you either focus on cold or acid+poison. I personally think that acid+poison will be better for witch hunter.

Witch hunter, especially melee, is squishy so you want to have a rank 10 Veil of Shadow and also more mastery points for more hp and physique. You may also want to refer to jajaja’s Tree of life devotion choice to be tanky using hp regen: (But you don’t take the witchblade devotion, maybe take scorpion.)

12/1 transmuted DEE will be better than 1/12.

Don’t worry about spirit, it scaled poorly end game. Only put a few points into spirit if there is an end game item you want to use but cannot meet the spirit requirement.
You probably want to put 60+ points into physique.

I will build like this instead: Assume you can get +2 to all skills in nightblade and +2 to all skills in occultist.

OK, thanks for the response. I was going with cold also because I thought it would come in handy when facing poison resist mobs, I figured it would be a better idea to have two damage types instead of one. So now I have to ask…

  1. What do players do against high level resistance mobs when you specialize in only one damage type?
  2. Why do I see so many builds only putting 1 point into things like you did in your linked build (Phantasmal Armor, Anatomy of Murder, Merciless Repertoire, Solael’s, Second Rite). I can understand putting one point into some attacks/spells, but only putting one into buffs/debuffs seems like it makes so little of a difference.

Just looking for clarification. Thanks again.

  1. Reduce resist or weapon swap or skip them… In your case, you will have good amount of resist reduction on enemy, and you can swap to a pair of cold weapon.
  2. When your build have not enough skill points, better to just put 1 point in skill/passive that only/mainly boost % damage. One piece of high level item gives you more % damage bonus than 10+ skill points.
  1. You have like 3 sources of resistance reduction, poison enemies will be just an inconvenience. CoF + Night’s Chill alone give -81% poison resist.
  2. Those passives have a severe diminishing returns per point spent. 1 point is the best investment for them, +skills will do the rest.