Need advice bleed build

I want to make gutripper build ( think trash weapon )

but idk how to use this weapon… :frowning:

see and feedback pls

This weapon have cadence bonus … why?

lol really hard weapon

reflect some opinion and changed setting

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I am curious as well, why the Cadence and Grasping Vines bonuses, could that build work? Fighting form has actually a huge bleeding damage bonus on ultimate levels, that’s for sure.

Anyways, your build is fine I think.

I tried Warder and it is…“okay”. But have a look at my collection of Bleeding Builds; @Stupid_Dragon has an Archon which should perform very well.

Tinkered around, far from finished/polished:

I think @Valinov made 6 minutes Archon with it. So maybe have can shed some light on this idea.

oh i see his build now and think that is more better ( -30% rr )

but i still want warder… no more oathkeeper :frowning:

want use cadence. how do you think?

use your devotion set + another glove

I am on mobile right now so just a few comments.

  1. Cadence < Savagery.
  2. You don’t want to use 2 AA-Replacers…clunky as hell.
  3. Go Full Warder and skip Cadence. Max Counterstrike as far as you can.

lol i think so too

left and right click really hell

but then just archon > warder don’t need soldier…

i still find another setting. advice ty!

Gutripper has 80% Armor Piercing. This means 80% of your Cadence is converted to Pierce. This also means that for support you’re going to want to stack +% Pierce/Bleeding and not Physical/Internal Trauma on your equipment.

And find something that converts the last 20% and you’ll have an even smoother damage output.

And if you’re go that route, you’ll want to use Cadence and ditch Savagery.

heres the build @Nery referenced I planned on doing a post eventually, but I’m more than a little behind on getting different builds posted/updated. :sweat_smile:

main thing is to stay mobile. Drop vines on cooldown and use movement abilities on cd while hitting as many targets as possible… and try to pop off savagery hits on sturdier enemies. I think the longest run I had with it was like 5:59. Its pretty reliable once you know how to pilot it, but because it lacks weapon damage that you can leech from it can be a bit shaky on sustain. (this is why I ended up maxing Haven, the % healing increase is great for the build) When things get crazy, staying mobile will be your best defense. Its best to try to start 160 or 170 in the bottom left corner and try to nuke a boss before they all pile on you. If you are lucky you will get some decent feral crits and the boss will bleed out in short order. 22 vines + rend will kill pretty much everything without a purple or red name by instantly applying ~750bleed/second


i made a bleeding 2h renged build before the update i asked some advice from @Nery and it’s rly strong bleeding warder what ur build require is BAT (Twin fangs) and war cry +terrify

but this weapon have very low weapon dmg.

so i think gutripper only for bleeding

you can use this Mythical sangvinar

cool weapon

i couldn’t find that

really ty

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this is what i used in my build :stuck_out_tongue:

oh… already someone make this!

good build .

then i will find another setting for warder… ( maybe use cadance )

really archon > warder look so… lol

here is my build but he need some changes because i made this before the last update.

That weapon is looking very nice to go with blood rager warder

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yep i play sangvinar with my warder bleeding

Flat Bleeding is a little bit low, sadly. Only chance I see: Get high enough AS for 100 % uptime of Hemorrhage though WD ist still low when it comes to WPS.