Need advice for demolitionist

I started my first Demolitionist. Right now at level 24, still at the beginning. I don’t want to follow someone else’s build step by step, but I would love advice for correcting my bumbling mistakes.

Right now I’ve got 2 handed ranged, and my second weapon slot has shield and sword for those “Oh crap, I’m cornered!” moments. I’ve tried mixing it up a bit - 1 handed ranged, magic off-hand, 2 handed melee, not having a backup melee weapon - and what I have seems to be working best.
Edit: I forgot the choice between 1 handed melee and 1 handed ranged was based on equipment available at that time. So going forward, second weapon set is shield and 1 handed anything.

Also right now, most of my damage is fire, second most lightning, physical and piercing far, far back in third.

Now for two questions.

Should I continue to build up lightning damage? Should I consider building up physical and pierce? Or should I just do fire & burn only? What works best with the skill options available to the Demolitionist?

Stun Jacks and Flashbang seem to be a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to slowing the enemy horde, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. Do people take both, or should I drop one and focus on the other? Do they get better as I put more points in them? If I should drop one, what are the pluses and minuses to consider when deciding?

Finally, any advice for this class specifically?

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Depends if you want to stay with the one class or add something else to it. The game is designed around selecting 2 masteries. You can make a single one work, but it’s not easy.

It’s best to stick with one or maybe two different types of damage.

if you want to play ranged the best choice to pair with Demo is probably Inqui. fire purifier is quite easy to build because you have a lot of options to enhance your auto attack, namely Fire Strike from Demo and the ranged mods from Inqui.

Flashbang is a good CC skill, Stun jacks less so, Inquisitor Seal is great for controlling horde too.

my 2cts :wink: (and i second what medea said about dual classing and stick to one damage type)

I can see the logic in a second class. My situation, while I’ve had the game for a while I haven’t really played it a lot until recently. Every time in the past that I’ve tried to make a dual class character I failed miserably and ended up unhappy. I think it’s because I was trying to mix two classes when I didn’t know the classes very well. I’ve recently made two witch hunters that are doing well (though I’m planning a massive overhaul on one), but that’s because I played both the occultist and nightblade as single class characters and had a good grasp as to what skills would complement each other.

I definitely think the demolitionist and the inquisitor would make a great mix. But I’m not ready at this time for two reasons. First, this is my first demolitionist, I don’t know the skills well enough yet to put them into a virtual blender. Second I’ve also got an inquisitor that uses ranged and primary fire and I don’t want to make identical style characters at this time when I’m just scratching the surface of possibilities.