[Need Advice] Vitality + Bleeding Conjurer uses Bloody Pox and Grasping Vines

Hey there!

I need advice for my build. I finished the game with 16 deaths in total. Half of them was my stupidity. No nemesis yet. Tried Crucible once; died at 150th level. Definitely far from optimized. And I need help with that. It’s hard to find items with +bleed and +vitality. And I don’t want to shift my focus to only vitality damage. I don’t want to remove bloody pox because i think it is a superb skill.

Right now its clear speed is a big plus. Curse + Swarm + Vines + Pox clears all trash and hero mobs easily while healing me (with procs). I can tank 3-4+ heroes with vendigo. So this dude is hard to kill.

But against some type of monsters (monsters with vitality/bleeding resists) it is too slow. I remember guardian of BoC gates proccing my Avatar of Mercy several times.

So any advices to this build will be appreciated.

GrimCalc with Gear
…which are:
Death Omen
Soul Bearer - It’s awesome!
Avatar of Mercy
Lifegiver Signet - I’m not sure why I use this. Flat HP maybe
Fiendscale - It has +bleed, +vitality and Bloodpox - Kilrian’s thing on it.
Boneweave - Extra sigil
Touch of everliving something - Heals are nice
Bloodfury - Great shoulders for my build +bleed +vit
Slaughter relic - Enables dual wield, +bleed damage and a skill hits 3K+ bleed damage
Badge of Mastery - +skill is useless for me (savagery) I use it for res, oa and prowess skill
Wildblood Girdle - Using it for bleed damage and res. Might change it to girdle of stolen dreams

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If you don’t want to shift to vitality only, what you think about shifting to bleed instead?

Vitality and Bleed don’t really sinergize that well…

As a quick tip, try “Vileblood Mantle” instead of the shoulder piece you’re using,