Need an advice for Demolitionist

Hi, I’m new to the game, already leveled Magehunter and Cabalist to ~43, gameplay with both seemed pretty smooth. Atm I’m leveling Purifier and I struggle with basically everything even on normal. Here’s my build:
What am I doing wrong? Am I missing some key spell or something?

You should as fast as possible get Aura of Censure and Inq.Seal :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re maxing too many skills too early when you should be climbing the mastery bars to help your survival. Plus you need an AoE skill like Blackwater Cocktail or Flashbang. Maybe something like this.

I’d also remove those components on your weapons and replace them with Hell’s Bane Ammo and Vicious Spikes for those auras. Atm you’re not using the granted skills from those other components.
I set it like this but now my dmg is even lower, why is Aura of Censure that important?

Resistance reduction and less damage taken.

This thread have some goodies for you DW Firestrike Purifier: A build diary from Normal to 170 Glad and I think Nery is about to make some kind of update of that build guide for FG

Thanks, proper allocating of devotions also helped a lot.

I have one more question, which spell should be bound to Solael? Fire strike is already bound to Fiend.

Flashbang or any of your WPS (bursting rounds etc)

I need your help again. I have already found Justicar set and people usually clear 151-170 in like 8 mins with very similar setup, yet I can’t pass Kuba on 154, and if I do using aether clusters, on 160 I end up getting oneshot anyway. Can’t really understand what is a reason for that as I have capped resistances, quite a lot of armor, 3.2k DA and nearly 100% armor absorption (used to have 100% with MI pants and the result was the same). No idea how people are able to facetank those nemesis, Purifier seems to be super squishy.

Post your current build, maybe we could help.

Oh jeez, I copied the link and forgot to paste it eventually :smiley:
There was ugdenbog leather and aether augment on pants to cap resistances but I just moved them to other character.

wow. op learned to master purifier really quick. from struggling with demo skills in early normal just in around 13 days ago, and now op already nearly conquering crucible 170. seems the guides from other forum players here helps immensely (personal experience). hopefully you’ll master the way things work in the game and conquer the end game challenges with lots of BiS gears.

Since you’re still new, I’m thinking those are the best guns and items you got? Because if you have more items, I would personally go for Stronghold + Justicar and switch your jewelry.

But since I’m assuming you don’t have a lot of items yet, we’ll work with what you have and move some of your augments, components and devotions around. Here’s how I would rearrange your build.

I tried to keep your gear the same but if you happen to have Mythical Final March, I would switch your boots to it and switch around augments to compensate for resistances. This pair of boots is pretty common and you might already have it in your stash. With the item limitation you have, stun and slow res are a bit low. If you find stuns to be a problem, change head component to Leathery Hide. Vit res should still have a bit of buffer left.

If you also have Mythical Deviltongue or Dagallon’s Destroyer gun, I’d take that over Exterminatus. Exterminatus has Fire RR but it deals a good chunk of its damage as chaos. You need to focus on fire as its your main damage type.

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Thanks, I’ll try it out.

  1. I have all items you mentioned, swapped boots from Final March for more OA, didn’t think 5% of phys res and a bit of slow res are that important.
  2. I’ll get back Deviltongue then. However, I don’t lack damage, just survivability is the issue and I don’t know how to improve it since my stats seem to be similar to those from guides. Obviously I’m still new and don’t understand many things.
  3. I also used to play with setup using solemn watcher but in guides on this forum it’s usually not included.
    Does confuse from Imp work on such bosses like Nemesis?

No. Confuse (and most CCs) don’t work on bosses and above. IIRC only Fumble and Impaired Aim work on them. I took Imp because its affinity-efficient and even if the damage is low, it has no CD so you’ll see a lot of Aetherfire if you bind it to a multi-hit skill.

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I’m currently using this build after a lot of tweaking (
I would suggest you change the rings and if you can, get another arcanum sigillis for the sweet +1 to inquisitor. Maybe ditch rune of kalastor and put more points into thermite mine for RR and vindictive flame for more total speed. The rest is more or less up to you and I won’t get into devotions because my setup is quite different from you.

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I also have combustion band so i’ll just add some life leech ring which I have in stash.
How do you manage to stand Reaper and Iron Maiden with such low armor?
Btw, what is, in your opinion, best setup for Purifier? Full ulzuin, dagallon or justicar?

I currently don’t have all of the items in my build such as the helmet and chest but, in case of iron maiden I can face tank her in challenger crucible and SR.
In case of reaper, I’ve fought it only twice in SR, once face tanking it and once fled because of two arcane elites right next to it… so my advice is stay away from high fire resistant bosses and mobs…
About armor sets, ulzuin if I’m not mistaken is on the caster side of thing especially canister bombs. Dagallon is pure dual wield fire strike auto attack with fire and lightening damage. Justicar is more commando oriented than purifier but you can totally use is because of it’s high armor and fire bonuses making you a standing tank with life steal

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