Need an option to independently rotate/fix mini map vs map window

The short version: A way for the big map window (the one that shows up when you hit M) to always point to the north, but for the minimap in the corner of the screen to rotate freely with the camera.

My long-winded explanation for why it’s necessary: The map window and minimap serve very different purposes (for me at least, and I imagine for a lot of other people as well) and should be handled differently as a result. I use minimap for information about my character’s immediately visible surroundings, especially in terms of paths/openings, and so it makes sense for it to match up specifically with my view on the screen.

I use the big map window, however, to situate my character in the larger structure or area in order to plan routes to places that I can’t immediately see. Therefore my instinct is to read it like an actual map, where north is on the top, so it makes sense to have it always face that way. As a bonus, in outdoor areas if it’s always on the north, it’ll always match up with the world map in the portal screen, and that helps you quickly plan out the route without having to mentally (or actually) rotate it first.

Currently the way the game setup seems to work is that you either freely rotate both the minimap and the map window, or you lock both, and both of these situations solve the problem in one area while causing frustration in the other.

Sorry, but how many more times are you going to post the self same thread. :rolleyes:

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Posting the same comment in multiple places isn’t going to get increase anything apart from the chance of various threads being deleted/ closed as redundant.

First, asking whether a feature exists in a general gameplay forum isn’t really the same as suggesting that the feature be implemented in the forum that’s specifically for ideas and feedback.

Secondly, I don’t mind if the other threads get locked because (and I assume you know this since you seem to have gone to all of them) they turned out to be dead ends anyway.

I have no opinion either way TBH. I do just want to say that the Devs (Crate, specifically Zantai) read everything so it is not necessary to post multiple times. as Jaknet was saying.

One thing i can say is that if you are a new player (which i am assuming you are) is that you can learn all the maps pretty easily. Places like the Blood Grove can be a pain but other than that it only takes 1 or 2 play throughs to understand where you need to go.

I am not saying its not worth asking or discussing about but, may not be necessary for the game IMO

I’ll grant that with enough time you could probably learn major quest locations and how to get from one area to another, though I think it would take a pretty long time. For things like bounties though, where you’re trying to track down one specific guy it’s often a matter of running between 3-5 possible spawn locations (often on different floors) till you track the guy down. That’s already made challenging by the level design which tends to make the player go in twisting paths rather than running straight through.

With that level of complexity I don’t think memory alone would be enough to make up for hard-to-read map presentation. To say nothing of new areas in future content or if (god forbid) the devs ever take the plunge and add in a dungeon with Diablo-stye procedurally generated areas.