need an unkillable build

i need a build that i can use to face tank enemies solo. i want to get to ultimate for the first time and my other builds suck

Cron Stoppable V .7

Haven’t set components or augments yet. Behemoth, Tree of Life, Menhir devo, Menhir’s Will, Menhir’s Menhir Menhir etc.

Obviously the gear will be out of reach for a long time, farm greens aiming for resists, and skill levels to shield training, overguard, Menhir’s Bulwark. Any of the blue sets with +soldier set bonuses are probably reasonable to use as well. Sentinel’s Seal rings are actually probably the way to go over the judicator and are blue and come in regular/empowered flavors.

Alternatively you could try for:

Cedric The Regenerator v .6

Lol@3k health regen before components and augs.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to reply