Need build advice

I’m on Soldier lvl 16 (Ashes of Malmoth only) and so far I rarely get below 80% health and damage seems fine with Blitz lvl 4 doing 40-90% of mob health as dmg and FW 3 (RF 2)/ Shield Slam also doing 20-30% enemy HP as dmg.

I already maxed milcon and vet and lvl 18 I can use a wep with +2 to FW and +2 to RF and increasing FW aoe and reducing cd.

But then I entered Depraved Sanctuary and some hero demon destroyed me and after less than a minute I couldn’t keep up with potions (got > 70 now), presumably because my chaos res was 0% (7% is my current max and I feel like I need ALL the beef.

Either way I was thinking about using Shaman as 2nd class for passives / mana reserve skills to buff both offense and defense and maybe add a utility skill or two.

PS: Good idea to just put 1-2 points into WP skills as occasional bonus but focus SP on 100% proc rate and active skills? Feels like since more SP into WP skills barely raises proc rate there are severely diminished returns after 1-2SP.

It would be nice if you imported your character to Grim Tools here: Grim Dawn Build Calculator
(load character from save file and then link to this build)