Need Elementalist build advice

I’m leveling up my first character, a ranged 2h elementalist. I’m having trouble finding build guides so I’m using both [] Beginner's melee 2H Lightning Elementalist
even though its old and uses melee and ⚔ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds and the warder build from here even though its the wrong class and also melee(is ranged that bad? seemed real good at first). So I’m part way through the first expansion in ultimate and I’m starting to die a lot which I used to not have that problem. I also ran out of money from respecing so often. I have no idea what build to use maybe someone could help. Here’s my build right now (don’t have resists maxed out cause I just got gear upgrades). Any guidance would be appreciated, I’m too new to the game to know how to modify builds or why people make certain build choices.

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Basically just replace weapon on Stupid Dragons build, you have skill points wrong (like why one point in Savagery? that is your main damage skill)

also use components in all gear

shoulders do not fit build it seems.

Your left ring destroys the build, you will convert lightning damage to fire, that is a loss of damage.
Can you get Coven Storm seal rings?

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Thanks, I didn’t notice the ring, I can get the coven ring next level. My skills are a combination of multiple guides that’s probably where I messed up. If I use Stupid Dragon’s build with a ranged weapon I need to add the hawk devotion. Don’t know where I would take points from. Maybe revenant or ultos? Or because hawk gives green I could remove toad, finish crown, add purple crossroad then I will only need to take 2 points from revenant or ultos.

your devotions looks fine tbh, but look skill distribution on dragon’s build

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