Need Feedback on this Retal Warlord

I suggest either picking fully savagery or blade arc, not both (even tho u can I get that). Remember that with blade arc skills like Markovan advantage won’t work, or barely if you use transmuter so if you go that route remove those…

Invest at least 1 point in the Wendigo totem and its extension - the blood pact.

Counter-Strike is kinda useless, war cry isn’t 100% uptime, meaning u need to find another reliable source of DR (damage reduction) like that one bleed belt called: Lacerator Girdle.

DA is extremely low, you will see on forums expert builders managing it quite alright but I recommend making it at least around 2.6k sweet spot.

Some resist like vitality/chaos and elemental are pretty low too. Not completing Kraken devotion is a sin & finally, you don’t seem to have Mog Wolf devotion as well which is a sin too for any bleed build out there.

Hope some of this insight helps your build-out. :stuck_out_tongue:

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