Need Feedback on this Retal Warlord

Hello !
I was doing some theory crafting on this build and i would love to have some feedback from experienced players , thanks !

This a ZDPS build:

  • super low OA - hard for you to hit enemies, especially important against casters to be able to damage them

  • super high DA - hard for enemies to hit you and be damaged by retaliation

  • no Assassin’s Mark / Physical resist reduction.

Check some other Physical Retal builds.

Hmmm not sure i am following you about the Physical RR … it does have 3 sources of it : Shattering Smash & Warcry stacking with Celestial Presence from GoE . I did not wanted Assassin’s Mark because that build was not meant to reliably crit which means AM would not proc reliably .

As for the OA & DA i agree : it is Cunning i intend to max out which means 2.5K OA & 3.3K DA ( i am currently leveling the Warlord maxing Cunning ) . Not sure there is any point pushing OA further though ? The damage is supposed to be retal & area of effect or passing through skills which means autohit .

Here’s the link with Cunning maxed out :

Shattering Smash and Warcry don’t stack. Assassin’s Mark is a must on any physical build, no way around it. I recommend reading up on game mechanics and looking up octavius builds and trying to understand why they are done the way they are done. Your calc is wrong on so many levels. One of them is having no means on sustain. But there are plenty of others as well.

Your build is more like a hybrid because for example your Shield or 4p set bonus doesn’t have Retaliation damage at all but in retal builds it is the biggest and most important source of flat retal damage. And you have multiple other non-retal pieces.

I think with Cunning dump you made the build is going to be much better. I will also boost your non-retal damage.

@Noob_Lord A Retal shield can have 3k Retal damage in a true retal focused build

Mad_lee you are right they does not stack , i will reword it by what i meant is : the bigger debuff from Warcry OR Shattering Smash will “stack” with the debuff from Celestial Presence .

Anyway i am not trying to have an argument on phys RR ; i wanted to avoid picking Assassin’s Mark , maybe i should not .


Thanks i was aware of this double green shield , maybe i shoot myself in the foot by trying to make the Octavius set into a retal build , it probably is not a good idea to begin with lol .

Imo, the best way is to test it out ingame and see what is lacking and how to improve it.

For example, I have a high DA, low OA retal warlord as well and it works for its intended purpose of being a lazy defensive build - Drunken Fwuffy - Retaliation Warlord

Not sure if by double green you mean 1 or 2 rare affixes (people have different terminologies) but it has a magic suffix
anyway even double rare is not a stretch because this shield can be vendor reset farmed from Hyram so you can get a good one yesterday


You are right , until now i avoided to install any mods like GDstash (?) but i am going to look into it .


Yeah double green or rare . Some of my builds had those a couple years ago .

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I wonder how this works against Alex, Anasteria, Valdaran, Zantarin etc in Sr 75
Your build works against melee as any retal build but it could be tweaked to be even better because it probably doesn’t need as much defense.

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In sr 75, none of them pose any issues.

You can see Zantai & Val here for example -

What about kill time? Is it reasonable?

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no offense but those mobs are going to take ages with that OA and with no Assassin’s Mark.

Here is the RtA Warlord spec that is tanky and at the same time has respectable damage:

define reasonable :3
It can finish consistently with time left on the sr timer. But it won’t win any trophies for fast clearing.

You can see the timer on the screenshot.


Like I said, it was made to fulfill a very specific theme.

@Maya btw I’m asking not to torment you but I actually really dislike the difference in how Retal builds fare against casters and melee and really hated some of my builds for that :slight_smile:

Retal has it easy that 2 of the 3 most important superbosses - Ravager and Calla - are fast hitting melees and get destroyed by it
And the 3rd one Crate is somewhat exotic

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nah, I am aware. For example, my attempt at crate was…

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Also, got 3 out of the 4 (you made me curious :yum:) -

Full size uncompressed image -

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Hello again , while trying to make it better i ended up going into another direction with my build and i would like to know if i got it this time lol :sweat_smile: