Need help [caster purifier]

Since my lucky from on my main vindicator netted me with a lot of +Demo and +Inquisitor items I decided to try and make a grenadier style “caster” Purifier. Just to burn the heretics, kill mutants and purge the unclean xD

After stumbling around in grimtool I ended up with somewhat like that.
As far as I see it:
1)Main spell is Blackwater cocktail on LMB
2)Flashbang is "oh,crap button to get out of problems and applied to RMB. It is also debuffing button
3)Thermite mine and Flames of Ignaffar as secondary DD

Items are setuped mostly from stuff I already have in my storage. I lack shoulders, amulet and blue ring. So its not exactly most optimized here

I mostly used devotions to max out fire damage and get some speed casting bonuses. Pretty sure its 100% a mess because I still overwhelmed by all this stars xD

So questions are
1)Is this OA enough for caster or its too small?
2)Is skill setup ok or I missed something important?
3)Is devotion setup ok?
5)What about Items I should keep an eye for?


  • Your spammable (ie: main) attack is Flames of Ignaffar, as you gave Blackwater Cocktail a cooldown, when you activated the transmuter.
  • Your health is low.
  • You have not chosen any damage mitigation and healing skills of your masteries.
  • You have no components in your amulet and one of the rings.
  • You have more Eldritch and Chaos affinity than required.


  • Move devotion points from Jackal, Vulture, Scholar’s Light and Empty Throne to Ghoul, Lion and Crab.
  • Get Inquisitor Seal. I think you only need one point in Temper. Put one point each in Blast Shield, Vindictive Flame and Ulzuin’s Wrath.
  • Get more Life Steal (Attack Damage converted to Health) through items, so that you heal yourself through Flames of Ignaffar (which has weapon damage).
  • Get something better than that Slith Primal Ring and that Faction Medal, and boost your health through items and components.
  • More Offensive and Defensive Ability will certainly help, too.
  • Not sure if you also need Word of Renewal, but then you probably need to give up one of your attack skills.

Is there any specific pieces of gear I should look for? As I said - I used mostly items from my main char storage(and faction items which are guaranteed)

You could farm an Ugdenbog Flamestrife and / or an Incendiary Casque.

There are probably several good legendary items, but unless you can craft them, there is no reliable way to farm them. In any case I would not know which to recommend, but you can always search the item DB.

Ok, I’ll try to tweak it for more OA and better feats. Flamestrife looks pretty good

Just for reference. For how much OA I should target?

Top builds have 3000 OA and more… keep it at high levels without gimping your char otherwise.

You have the Ashes of Malmouth expansion, right? I noticed a lot of your gear isn’t using mythical variants. This is probably the biggest thing gimping your build right now - a lot of your gear is for a level 70-85 character.

I tweaked some things. I swapped a couple of gear pieces (gloves, boots, rings, medal, and relic) and upgraded everything else to mythical quality. Swapped around some components/augments to max all resists (except stun). This is what you should aim for. It’s not solo gladiator crucible viable, but it’s at least a little stronger than what you had. It should be able to clear all campaign content, but I don’t think it’ll handle well against nemesis monsters/superbosses without a bit more OA/DA.

EDIT: If you were willing to farm for MIs, you could try to get an Aggressive Living Ring of Attack/Readiness or a Aggressive Kymon’s Badge of Attack/Readiness to get enough OA to trigger Deadly Aim reliably. That would get the build in the region of being gladiator crucible viable.

Aggressive? Is there such prefix in game? I don’t think I ever saw it - looks like even in database there are no such thing

Look like I’ll never get this devotion stuff xD

It gives +5% OA. Like Stalwart, but OA. It’s listed in grimtools but I don’t think it actually exists in the game. Not sure though. :rolleyes:

Bloodletters also gives +% OA, might be a viable alternative.

Here’s a ring I was lucky enough to pick up before Ashes of Malmouth :wink: :

Suffice to say, it does exist.

Yeah, and its look like its quite common enhancement… Well, thats my luck. Played vindicator - filled all stash with fire enhancing epics and legendary xD Pretty sure this toon would only gen chaos or something like that from drop xD

Btw is there a limit for what kind of items can drop on which difficulty. If I would go with Kymon badge - can I safely farm it on epic? It would be not very good idea to test my luck against ultimate Kymon nemesis xD

Added advised Flamestrike.
Well, they both will be pain to get

hmm maybe a stun jacks spammer?^^

I thought about it, but my main is lightning based character(Savage+storm spread) so I wanted some other element