Need help choosing items for a blademaster

Hello everyone, I’m writing this in hopes someone can help me.
I’m inclined into creating a physical/piercing blademaster, the thing is, I can’t seem to find any items that might work. I was thinking about dual wielding two Reaver’s Claws (sorry can’t post links or pics yet). I found a Belgothian’s Sigil that may work too. As for armor pieces I have no idea on what to chose. I have a Deathmarked set but I find it a little off for me.
I would apreciate any sugestions and thanks in advance :wink:

Try these threads for starters:
[] Deathmarked Blademaster Multi-Proc
[] DW Blademaster with 0 physique/spirit
[Blademaster Dual Wielding] The war-born Rizzla

Thanks for the reply Ving, those threads have a lot to help me, especially the second one :smiley: