Need help commando build

Hey all
This is my frist post here so please be gentle :smiley:

I have just finished normal in veteran mode. My char is a commando and i have picked many pshycical skills. I have read that im supposed to run full fire build, is this true ?
Another question is, what items should i use after i now have completed normal mode. Any crafted ones and what about skills ?
Atm i have 2 pistols as main and pistol+shield as second. Is a 2h an option and what 2h, gun or. Melee ?

Thx in advance for answers and another “Hello” to all in here.

Physical-based commando are very popular now in the forum, thanks to Superfluff, but they are melee based. DW pistol work better with magical damage (i think the most powerful version are Pyro and Sorc) and ranged builds are subpar atm anyway. a rifle Commando may work though, but i believe that it requires top gear (so not recommended for a first char).

if you choose to go the physical way look at that build (with top gear but i think it can work self found in main campaign):

Physical sword & board is definitely the strongest, but you don’t really need to be that tanky to complete the game, even on Ultimate. The only time I personally play a sword & board Commando is for Crucible. For anything else in the main game I prefer ranged, either 2H or DW Pistols.

As MatMB says, Physical DW Pistols doesn’t seem to be very popular, but I would disagree that it isn’t as strong as magical Sorc & Pyro builds. In my opinion Physical DW Pistol Commando is much stronger than a Fire Strike based Sorcerer in pretty much every way (although I’m talking end-game builds here, it’s been a while since I levelled either, and certainly not in the current patch).

For completing the game on Ultimate you can pretty much choose whatever spec you enjoy playing the most:

  • 2H Ranged
  • DW Pistols
  • Pistol and Shield
  • 2H Melee
  • Melee 1H and Shield

And you can play all of those as either Physical (Cadence) or Fire (Fire Strike). You can also play hybrid specs with Shield on switch of course.

They are all viable, but they obviously have very different skills and devotions. You are better off picking your preferred playstyle and then work from there. It will be easier to offer specific advice once you choose your way forward :slight_smile:

My personal preference for a first char would be 2H Ranged Fire Strike…it’s seems less gear dependant and has better AOE than Physical, which is more useful while levelling. I find playing with a shield is way too ‘safe’ for the main campaign myself.

I have a Commando using the 2H Brimstone Repeater. Great stats and mine rolled with +37%atk spd. With a full Fire Strike line (Static at 1 pt.) I melt through most of what I’m seeing in the late stages of Elite. It’s a fun build, but I do end up having to hit&run on enemies with larger HP pools.

Just a thought.

Ty Booth for answers.

I prefer to Dual wield pistols and shield on switch.

If i stay psysic, what Would be the prefered skills and devocations ?
Is the pistols getting more damage when hitting next difficulty ?

What level are you currently?

At the moment im lvl 53

Well, there isn’t really much in the way of good craftable / purchasable physical guns from what I can see on

If you are not averse to trading then you could probably get hold of 2x Havoc for now, and Deathdealer’s Sidearm for 75.

If you want to play entirely self found then keep on the lookout for those, as well as Empowered 3rd Company’s Revolver (58) and Burrwitch Peacekeeper (65).

The only usable faction items for physical seem to be Devil’s Retribution (35) and Elite Devil’s Retribution (70). But they don’t look that great :undecided:

For skills, probably something along the lines of at level 53.

From there, work up the demo tree as far as Blastshield and stick some points in it. If you’re taking too much damage then you have a few options:

  • Blastshield (aim for 12/12 at level 85)
  • Flashbang / Searing Light (aim for 12/12 and 7/12 at level 85)
  • 1 point Blackwater Cocktail and 1 in High Potency for physical damage reduction
  • War Cry, as many points as you see fit (not a fan on Pistol Commando myself, too points starved)
  • Oleron’s Might skill granted from Oleron’s Blood weapon component

I’d always take Blitz for movability and have some sort of melee weapon on switch.

If you need a leg-up with weapons, PM me you GoG / Steam ID :wink: