Need help creating an interactive world object which creates a path

In my upcoming mod, the Shrine of Rhyanna, in a couple of places i will need a selectable world object, such as a stone, that when pushed by the character (single-clicked by the player), it goes thru a falling animation and creates a bridge. Ive not seen anything like that in the game or any mods that i can use for a prototype.

Is that even possible?

Judging from this request, it seems that you have never played GD seriously. This is an example of stone,

and bridges are everywhere.

I don’t mod the game so not sure if it’s possible to make a falling stone. The one shown here goes down into the ground and rises up again once you’ve passed it. Bridges get repaired with scrap and iron bits, but it’s an instanteous transition from broken to repaired.

Maybe but you’ll need to animate it. Unless you have the tools to do that it won’t be possible. And even then I’m not sure it will work, hit boxes and stuff.