need help for a meele dw build

Ive readed alot of stuff here these last days and i still need some help.I want to make a dw meele build that is viable in ultimate( the more viable the better) but i cant decide what classes to use…in some guides the info is a bit old ,others require specific hard to get items( if posible to find a build for a casual farming person that isnt forced to do ALOT of farming and to be self-made as much as posible)…what are your suggestions guys? if posible to make like 1-3 top builds that are in my needs(dw,meele) with some pro and cons

You really dont need specific items for these builds to work, you just need the specific stats on gear, you can as well play nearly every build with green or blue items. The mentioned items are mostly guidelines for gearing or the BIS items for the slots.

These are all Saboteur Builds. so my advice: Go Sabo :wink:

Pierce/Phys/Bleed Savagery Trickster:

apreciate all for the tips:) i will try the sab and the trickster build also…thx alot