Need help getting started with a build.


I’ve been wanting to make a Lightning-based (Savagery, Stormcaller’s Pact) Shaman for a while, but I have no idea what abilities to take or second Mastery to take.

Should I take Soldier?
Nightblade for the passives and Pneuma?
I have no clue.

My playstyle involves getting into the fray and auto-attacking everyone with lightning.

Would this suit your needs?

Currently looking into this build:

Basically Stun Jacks so that enemies can’t get to me.
Deploy my Storm Totems.
And Savagery around the totems while juking em.

Interested in dual-wielding this guy too:

Want to make it focused around Lightning Damage primarily, and maybe physical as my secondary damage?
What does Lightning Damage scale off of?
Cunning or Spirit?

No idea with Devotions as well.
Tempest is one I’ll get for sure but I don’t know what the heck I should be getting.


-For dual-wielding those pistols here you go:-

-As for the Stun Jacks, it’s a good build don’t count on it to work against bosses. The Stun Jacks themselves are great against bosses, but they won’t stun them.
Bosses are immune to stun.

-Lightning scales of Spirit, but it’s advisable to invest into physique as the returns from investing in spirit are are low.

-If you want to Dual-Wield and go melee with Lightning then try this build of mine-