Need help importing Titan Quest weapons, armors, shields etc to Grim Dawn

I read posts about importing Titan Quest Anniversary Edition stuff into Grim Dawn and also the mods such as Grimarillion and they all either deal with importing the entire database or change the gameplay too much, I just want to import the weapons, armors and shields from Titan Quest into Grim Dawn, more specifically, I want to import the Alexander’s Panoply set. Is it possible to import that specific set with all it’s attack animations and stats etc. I do not want to alter the gameplay (masteries etc) just want to know if it is possible to import and use the armor set in Grim Dawn, and how can I do it. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You cannot import tq stuff to gd, it has to be converted with a mesh converter first and even then it doesn’t work with armor. Armor had to be edited in a 3d editor, specifically 3dsmax.

Also you cannot import animations either. Gd models have a different bone system than tq models so it won’t work.

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That is unfortunate, really hoped to use that in Grim Dawn. :frowning_face: Well, thank you so much for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

While you can’t just move TQ content into the GD, most of the TQ assets are compatible with the GD engine. The minimum requirement for models import is updating the model version by changing one HEX value ([TUT] How to import Titan Quest models into the editor).
As stated above, TQ gear is not compatible with the GD player’s skeleton, however this does not apply to weapons and shields that do not use skeletal animation. To transfer the rest of the equipment you really need a 3d editor and the easiest items to transfer (after weapons) are the helmets which require only one bone to be attached, everything else will require 3d modeling practice.