Need help in creating a Blade Arc bleed build(Soldier+?)

So, I was interested in making some build around more different kind of damages, and Blade Arc+Bleed popped into my mind.
So, I was wondering about mainly two classes to help the build; Nightblade or Shaman?
I haven’t really put much tought into it, but grossly these would be the differences;
1h+shield, kinda of tanky and safe to play
2h, could use 1h+shield but why not use 2h for more damage?(unless the best bleeding items are 1h), still tanky and safe with all the tools at disposal

What do you suggest? I really need help because I’m kind of lost.

are bleed build viable self found?

I’m working on a warder right now and have been discussing different “bleed builds” a in this thread ( Started as a conjurer bleed bleed questions but there are a lot of other bleed questions too.

I don’t know much about a BM and its path, but the warder is good so far. If you’re going with a bleed build then devouring swarm is a must for the debuff as lots of undead and ch’thonic’s have high bleed resist. If you go shaman, 2H is also the way to go. You’re main priority as a early warder to get your bleed build going is to get rend and put it on DS. Also get falcon first (helps get to rend) and put it on grasping vines. It is an awesome bleeding proc. To start it was is pretty easy to clear trash with just DS and swoop (from falcon) on GV, but bosses can be tough. As soon as you get rend (need 15 devotion points), the game will change! With the extra bleed res debuff and bleed damage from rend even undead bosses go down pretty quickly! I struggled through AU’s bosses without rend but just get it last night. Had no issue running up to the skeleton key door in SoT (just level 31 so wasn’t ready to run behind the door yet…) I am playing on veteran, which is a little harder than normal, so maybe on normal it would be better…
Also, fighting form is one of the best bleed abilities in the game…so i’m told… :slight_smile:

I think my rough final build will look something like this…

oh, you might want to read this too on bleed builds:

Seems most of the discussions I’ve seen on bleed builds is not whether or not to use shaman, but what to pair with shaman (soldier, nightblade, occultist). That is if you want to focus mainly on bleed… Reducing bleed resist is a must to make bleed viable and DS with rend is one of the best ways to do that…