need help in elite - death wall Loghorrean

In the past week I grinded few levels so I could equip some faction gear. It may not be the best, but at the moment I have the best gear I could find. My goal was to reach level 84 to equip the “Wendigo Cleaver”. I also tried to boost my resist. So far all is going fine. Compared to Veteran, Elite was not that hard most of the time.

I don’t have much difficulty in “Tomb of the Watchers”. My difficulty starts when fighting Bloodlord Thalonis in “Seal of Loghorrean”. I have to run around all the time to avoid taking too much damage. I can eventually kill him and start the fight against the Loghorrean.

This is where I hit a death wall. I seems to deal enough damage, but I have to spend more time killing tentacles and other enemies than attacking Logo. Then the Vandguards start to spawn. I’m a bit lost regarding the strategy I should follow for this fight. Should I stay away from Logo and kill the enemies and only then attack Logo again ? I did that in Normal and it took me about an hour to finish the fight.

I don’t really want to do it the “stupid way”: hit Logo as long as I can, die, repeat. The boss would regain some health, but eventually I would kill it.

Any strategy tips for this boss ?

Get your resistances up (chest and shoulders are nice for the physical resist though)

Get rid of forcewave, and invest in War Cry and Menhir Bulwark (dmg reduction)

Your ring and amulet augemts is for pets :smiley: it does not give you ANY bonus

Read this guide

This is how I would do the skills (and devotion binding), I leave the gear and augments for you sort out.

Good source of Aether and Chaos resistance are Purified salt and Imbued silver.

You need chaos resist REALLY badly. Also a bit more poison/acid would help with the adds. When fighting adds kill tentacles first their wave attack reduces all your resist.

Getting an imbued silver on a weapon or shield. (Or purified salt, the chaos one at any rate) take the points out of veterancy (horrid skill) and place them into cadence and deadly momentum. Assassins mark needs to be bound to cadence or something with a duration/multihit like a 1/12/0 ravenous earth (it’ll also reduce target dmg if you don’t want to max warcry).

Those changes at least would do for log…

Good suggestions have already been made for your build, so here’s my advice on Log.

Log will use doom bolt on you if you get too far away from him (but not at the entrance of the room) and will use a variety of multi-projectile attacks ranging from chaos to poison damage in the mid range. He will switch to very heavy melee hits if you stay in melee range with occasional shots from his multi projectile attacks. At the midpoint he starts summoning vanguards and these can be kited back to the main door for clearing if you can’t handle all the adds at once or killed immediately if you have the DPS. Tentacles should always be killed ASAP as they are not very durable and can cause a lot of damage to pile up very quickly. Having durability to not get wrecked is necessary, but it’s also a game of dealing enough damage to clear adds before more spawn and still dealing damage to Log in the process.

If you have problems reaching permanent resistances, you can check out the various potions that you can buy and craft

As suggested, I adjusted my build. I was using “Beginner’s pre-Krieg Deathknight” build as a reference, but I had doubt if I should remove forcewave or not. I re-allocated skill points and it really improved my life pool (+2K) and DPS (~13k and up to 25k when skills activate). Adding Purified salt and Imbued silver to my gear increased chaos resist to 75%

My fight against Log was easier this time, not easy but it felt doable. I did die a few time (~10), but I could do more damage. I kept going back in the arena to kill tentacles & vanguards before attacking Log. The fight was complicated due to the number of tentacles (up to 4) and vanguards. I probably did not kill them fast enough. The arena felt so small … Anyway, I was able to kill Log :smiley:

I’ll continue playing the campaign on Elite for now.

Thank you all for the help :slight_smile: