Need help making my spellbreaker not be terrible.

Just got into elite difficulty and it takes me AGES to take down heros using sky shard and PRM. I was planning on making this build but I’m not sure it would be good without the gear?

Anyways, just wondering if there is a better way to build spellbreaker to farm elite before I get some set drops.

That build that you linked are real good (besides boots that are almost impossible to obtain without GDStash and leviathan, that is very expensive in terms of spending points and really mediocre devotion for caster), but it’s real good build for druid, not for spellbreaker.

I have a pretty massive Spellbreaker build that you can assemble without green items and crush all content (except Ravager and Mogdrogen).

Here is the link to the guide: Vanilla Ice

Okay maybe I’ll try this one, can I do my skills and expect to atleast do elite without the required gear? Just do a respec as I am right now?

What level are you currently? Do you have any gear pieces from the required build? 99% builds in Grim Dawn have some core gear pieces, this one is no exception.

level 63 or something, just hit elite. Just finding it hard to progress in elite with such low single target. My PRM just doesn’t hit hard enough. Best to grind crucible maybe?

No, you are just playing it wrong, mate. Upload your current build to (google how to find your save folder to upload your character file), I will try and fix it so you have an easy time leveling.

I thought I put it in the original post, I meant to do so. lol.

I will let Lee give long term advices but i can already point out couple things. First of all, why are you using PRM in the first place? When i was leveling my druid through Elite, i was already 100% focusing on TSS and i think spellbreaker should be no different. IMO just remove PRM and put the points in other arcanist and nightblade skills. At 61, i think you should already have more points than that in nightblade mastery.

Also your gear is pretty bad, my advice is that try to get faction gear, at your level you can almost get the gear from coven too. Your resistances in general are super low, when my druid went into elite, over half of my resistances were capped or close.

Using prm because it’s the first skill I saw. First character I’ve ever made and I just winged it. Isn’t the cool down annoying on tss for clearing trash or is there a way to stack enough CDR to negate it.

With good faction gear, star pact and off-hand with high cooldown reduction, you can get like 40% cooldown reduction pretty easily at your level which is more than enough to allow you to use TSS fast enough to clear everything. And if you have doubts, feel free to keep few points in OFF just as a way to keep trash mobs away from you.

Don’t get me wrong, PRM can be good leveling skill too but there really isn’t need to use both at same time, especially when TSS and PRM use very different kind of gear overall. And as spellbreaker, you get way more from TSS if you focus on it.

All right, this should take you through Elite without much sweat.

I’ve chose the faction gear that should be available to you. If you have better pieces already, use them. Idea is to use Shadow Strike + Night’s Chill + Star Pact. It’s very effective for leveling. Pay attention to the augments and components - you need to try and cap your resists. Spectral Swords drop from ghosts like the ones in tombs and in Steps of Torment, but more importantly they can be purchased of a vendor in Blood Grove (look for “chilled” affix).

Awesome thanks for the help guys, will start working on this.

You could take the Amarasta’s Blade Burst route with Lethal Assault & Blizzard devo binding. A few points in Shadow Strike as a gap closer / finish enemies. Works a charm for me all the way to lvl 94.

I specced into what mad Lee suggested and it’s amazing how tanky I am now, trash clear is worse but who cares, I’m not kiting enemy hero’s for 10 minutes. Game is much more enjoyable this way. Thanks for the help everyone.