Need help on Ultimate :D

Hello. Finished on Elite and now im gonna begin on Ultimate but i have problem with my build xD Damage is goed enough but im dying too fast. I think i should get more abs for Vitality Aether Poison and Acid but idk hoow :smiley: How do that without losing damage?

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The premise that you would be giving up damage by swapping gear for resistances in this situation is false. On the contrary, there is an awful lot of damage to be gained from being able to face tank crowds and just attack nonstop.

I’ve been able to get away with unmaxed resists in ultimate before, but only with a very strong build and careful play. Even then I had at least 50 in my lowest resist. Getting max resist really is top priority. To that end you should get some augments in your armour. Augments are something you get access to at max reputation with a faction, so if you don’t have that yet you should grind some bounties. They won’t be able to solve your problem on their own since they are meant to patch holes.

Ok, now that I’m home I gave it a quick makeover using mostly basic stuff. You’re going to need to swap some gear but hopefully this gives you some ideas

I went to the build compenduim, picked a 2h melee primal strike warder and ported the devotion tree. This is the least conservative change.

Your gear was missing a few components, all armor augments and a relic. Big changes of note are:

  1. 70% armor absorption-> 98% thanks to two scaled hide components.
  2. some Attack Damage converted to Health (ADctH) from relic+weapon component+wendigo totem+ Ghoul devotion. This is basically life leech and your 2h 290% weapon damage primal strike can really make use of it.

Finally I shifted some skill points.

  1. points in savagery shifted to the second node. With a fully invested primal strike as a main attack, savagery is mostly a buff and Tenacity of the Boar is the biggest part of that.
  2. 1 point investment in both totems. Wendigo Totem gives fantastic healing support for your build, and Storm totem is nice for devotion procing.
  3. Points squeezed into wind devil, specifically Raging Tempest for the elemental resist reduction. Resist reduction is huge as a damage modifier in this game.

There is a good basic mechanics guide in these forums somewhere that can help explain things further.

My first character was also lightning warder with primal strike and I also failed when I begin to ultimate and I was when I became 90, you’re 75 so your job is harder.
Your biggest fault is you’re using two different spam attack skill. Why? You could use the buffs of tenacity of the boar, storm touched and might of the bear but I believe those are the final touches to the build, there are more important things while you’re in the main campaign. Shax above has good advices you can follow, I’ll try a different method so you have a broader vision. This can take you somewhere but as leveling and farming, you should update your build in every step.

I changed your devotions,
-first of all you need lifesteal or health regen(very high amount) in order to survive while keep hitting with a melee build.
Second you need Wind Devil and Raging Tempest as Shax said for resistance reduction but it’s not over there, there is three kind of resistant reduction and they tend to work well with each other;
So I took revenant devotion for both flat resistance reduction, attack speed and adcth(life steal) is binded to primal strike your main attack skill.
Ultos constellation is for both damage and %20 reduced resistance, it’s binded to wind devil. Ghoul constellation is also for lifesteal and has good proc to survive. And for Spear of the Heavens it’s purely damage and offensive ability.

Now for your skill line, I sugest you keep Mehir’s Will at 8 points if you want to save your life. You don’t need blitz, you can craft movement runes in the blacksmith and apply it to your medal. Field of Command, scars of battle has good stats max them out for OA, DA, Armor, Armor Absorption, Resistances and Attack Speed.

Now saying change your items is irrelevant because you use what you find. We fixed your devotions and skills, so you have more damage etc and efficiency to hit better but your resistances are still very low and it’s the most important thing in the game. So as you’re leveling and farming your main gear(I suppose it should be the Mythical Ultos Set.) You can use greens or other blues that seem irrelevant but has good stats that you need like resistance until you get the real gears. You’re 75 you have access to the some components like ugdenbog leather etc ofc if you have the blueprints. Use them, but when you come across a new gear, don’t just sell the old one, go to your inventor and salvage it by keeping the add-on so you can use it on the new item. Also buy augments from the faction vendors. They sell it when you’re revered with them. I changed your components with relatively easy ones so I suggest you follow if you’re using the same gear. And get the Eye of The Storm relic. If you do not have the blueprint, use Desolation or Ancester till get Eye of The Storm.

PS: Torrent is mostly useless because it gives no damage boost but only aoe, just keep it 12 it’s enough.

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Thanks! :wink: I’ll try

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I probably should have been clearer. “Use what you find, but please swap something for better resistances” is more accurate since targeted gear swaps probably won’t happen until level 94.

Good luck!

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I got 9 Myhtical Ultos pieces from loot last couple of days; when I was in need of them, there was nothing so I wish you good luck and focus on farming ugdenbog to get them:slight_smile: