Need help to gear up my Conjurer

Hey mates

Here is my character - a vitality caster Conjurer. Works so far (elite) very well, however I need some gear advice towards end game options I should aim at. If possible it’d be nice to have triggered skills, as for now these Doom Bolts on attacks just shred packs of enemies usually on single cast of Curse of Frailty.


Conjurer is probably one of the most flexible and best supported classes so there are many things you can aim for.

Dark One’s Gift is probably easiest and most reliable set to get as it can be target farmed on ultimate in AoM location. You can also go with some recepies from faction items like Reaver’s Hunger and Word of Solael


Hmmm that Dark One’s Gift and two other items are not really relevant for my character as I’m not using Bloody Pox skill, however that Conjurer guide from scratch have some interesting points. Thanks!
Ofc, more options are more than welcomed.

I would recommend to get Bloody pox btw even if you won’t focus on it. Pox is just fantastic for devotion proccing and with Dark One’s it can be good one point wonder