Need Help tunning a Cold Soulrend Reaper

Good morning everyone, I haven’t played in a while and after giving much love to a fire paladin I have decided now to take the dust away from my cold reaper but I’m finding it a bit lacking in the survival department.

I haven’t played him since Ashes. The build was made by following some builds on the forum, with some tweeks here and there, but my build crafting skills only go so far, so I can’t improve it past where it is right now. Any help would be appreciated.

My main playstyle is roguelike dungeons and regular roaming for farming, but sometimes I like to delve in the crucible a bit. Here’s the build and thank you in advance to whoever takes time to help me.


Why not

Take a look here: [] Reaper of Souls - Soulrend-based BH Reaper [c+] [sr]

The only point I can take off is the flat cold and % cold from leviathan. is the final kraken one worth it?

I took a look at your build, can you explain why dying god? The proc I mean, the OA and resistance bonus are a given. I’m fond of leviathan though.
Edit: But revenant and ghoul mesh well with the lifesteal nature of the build and I can’t get those in my settup.

Take from Leviathan and put to Kraken
Than take from Crossdoards and put to Leviathan

Oh… I hadn’t seen that! Thanks!

DG’s proc gives you very good boost in crit and speed.

Leviathan is good by itself but the path to it is far from ideal.