Need help understanding Loot drop breakdown


I don’t understand what the percentages refer to.

My initial understanding was that lunal valgoth has a 70% chance to drop one of the following items.

But that can’t be right because the summed total (i.e. 21 + 21 + 22 + 22) is greater than 70%.

Multiply the 0.7 and 0.2x to get the % on the far right.

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The part that is confusing you, is the 14% missing infront of Blood of Ch’thon. Then the percenteges add up to 100.

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Ok. So basically, I have a 14% chance of getting a lunal val’goth wasitguard per kill? Is this drop rate the same in Cr?

Assuming Cr is Crucible, no, AFAIK Cr chests are entirely random and independent of what you kill.

Also the drops depend on the monster level, which can be changed.

How do I check the values for a monster who is level 94?