Need Help with a Build Based on Grasping Vines

Here are two versions i was thinking of.

Grasping Vines does:

  1. Physical and Bleeding Damage (both influenced by + cunning stats)
  2. Vitality Decay which is not influenced by +Vitality Damage, but the damage is increased if you use minus (-) resist as vitality de-buffs ? It is influenced by +spirit stats.
  3. Retaliation Damage Added to Attack.

Archon ( Shaman + Oathkeeper) :

Devouring Swarm = vitality and bleeding damage, -60% vitality resistance, -40% bleeding resistance.

a) Guardian of Empyrion = scaled with player, does Physical, Fire, Burn over 3 sec damage + fire damage aura with -35% physical, -35% fire and -35% bleed resistance.

So from this you get -35% physical and -35%-40% = -75% bleed resistance, -60% vitality resistance

b) If i use Scion of Dreeg, the Guardian of Empyrion will do: Acid, Vitality, Poison over 3 secs + Acid aura with -35% poison & acid, -35% vitality resistance, -35% bleed resistance.

So from this you get -35% poison & acid and -35%-40% = -75% bleed resistance, -35%-60%= 95% vitality resistance

With b) I could go with bleed / vitality but they use two different stats (one cunning, one spirit)

With a) more inclined to go more towards psychical / bleed (cunning).

Path of the three = +vitality + vitality decay
Devine Mandate = +physical, some fire/burn damage to help Guardian of Empyrion.

Blood Pacts/Wendingo = +vitality, +bleed, + vitality decay.
Primal Bond = +psysical, + bleed.

Conjurer (Occultist + Shaman) :

-26% physical resistance, -51%-41%= -92% bleeding resistance, -31%-61%= -92% vitality resistance.

Does Second Rite applies to grasping vines ?

Of course Oathkeeper + Occultist (Sentinel) = -35%-26%= -61% physical resistance, -35%-51% = -%86 bleeding resistance, but there is no grasping vines.

Help me clarify all this, which one is best to finish game.

Take a look here:

Some suggestions for Bleeding Caster using Grasping Vines.

I’d start looking at gear as well.

That I can see, it has item support for Vitality, Bleed, Acid/Poison and Physical. Out of those, Physical is the only one I’m skeptical on due to it having to contend with armour and Vines being based on multiple low damaging hits.

Otherwise, Vitality with Wildblood is really strong - enough to be a main damage skill. Acid/Poison are just ok but not spectacular (not sure on Acid/Poison Retaliation but it doesn’t look great from theorycrafts I’ve tried to do). Bleed is the only one I can’t comment on.

This is a build I have used:

I enjoyed it quite a bit. What attribute pairs with which damage type is less important. Itemization and devotions are more important. I have been curious to try some kind of Oathkeeper build.

In general, if you want to do Grasping Vines the Wildblood set is tough to beat. It adds a lot of damage. Bleeding and vitality damage both have good devotions and itemization. The only part of Bloody Pox I would level is wasting for the debuff, as Bloody Pox will lag behind Grasping Vines by a huge amount. Storm Totem is pretty decent though.

Second Rite’s flat damage will add to Grasping Vines if you have the full Wildblood set bonus that adds 40% weapon damage to the skill.

The Archon build could be really effective. Overall a Grasping Vines build is a lot of fun even before the end game. You can get Rend really early, especially if you use Crucible, and Rend, Grasping Vines, and Devouring Swarm are strong from the get go.

there is also the old phatasmal blade+vines build that i tried a while back, it works okish giving you a move to spam pb, and vines for aoe and does mostly vit damage. it wont throw the max amount of knives but it can prob work as a vit build i’d think? and due to the set that boosts the vines it can kite really well and it kills many trash mobs with the vines boosted dps

edit: though this is a more a mixed build that mixes pb+vines together into 1 so its not a pure vines build but sorta makes use of that set to make vines really strong

Hey umbral, I sent you a private message about what you want in builds. I will be doing an updated post hopefully tomorrow (if all my employees show up to work and I don’t end up needing to go in)