Need Help with Attributes

Currently i’m trying a witch hunter with dual wield melee poison focus.

Should i focus on cunning and spirit or phys+Cunning or Phys+ Spirit?

sorry about the link since i need 3 posts for that


Dump it all into physique, cunning/spirit don’t offer enough of an increase in damage to outweigh the gain in health/da especially since witch hunter masteries do not provide the greatest health/physique and have no % hp booster.

Generally speaking just get w/e spirit you need to equip jewelry on builds and cram most of the points into physique if not all. I’d say the only good exception to this is blademasters because they can get a massive 30% boost to cunning and a lot of % OA too getting even more value out of it. Arcanist characters make good use of spirit too, but really need the physique to survive usually and they don’t get a lot of extra OA out of it like BMs

The problem is, Witch Hunter usually focuses on acid/poison damage, so he cant get full benefit from Cunning (it doesnt increase that damage), and he doesnt need so much energy to invest into spirit.