need help with build soldier+nightblade

Hello there.

This is my build :slight_smile: im a soldier and nightblade using a shield :slight_smile:
I have loads of defense but im wondering how could i get more dps?
And do i have the right build?

Hope someone can help me :smiley:

PS: i picked these classes without researching as well as my build :slight_smile:

u can only get reasonable dps on a sword/shield blademaster combo by using 5pc markovian to stack flat dmg.

you could potentially convert 100% of the physical flat dmg on mehnhirs bulwark/markovian to all pierce with a derp slicer and blades of nadaan to take advantage of the -pierce resist aura on nb.

obviously the above is not a newbie friendly build and nor would i recommend any blademaster build to someone without gear

I have tried doing a build with 2 swords.

But it really gets me killed :stuck_out_tongue:
Im just to vulnerable even with resistances capped or almost capped.

Play with 2h blade arc till you have good enough gear for dual wield

blademaster, 1h or dualwield is not a good class for a starter without gear.

blademaster has no intrinsic sources of flat dmg like firestrike nor hardcore survivability skills like blastshield/mirror. blademaster skills are designed to scale ur items. and if u dont have items in the first place its not a good idea.

builds involving demo are better for ppl without gear.

okay so where could i get better gear?

And should i use 2 handed weapon? and how should i build with a 2handed :)?
and what things are important in my gear? like physiqeu or cunning?
Next to elemental resist ofcourse :slight_smile:

Your build is on the one hand too defensive, and on the other you are not making use of shield related constallations. And you lack sources for Offensive Ability like Fighting Spirit and Field Command.

I tried to stick to your original idea of a blademaster with shield: (devotion is already for Ultimate difficulty).

This limits you to 1-hand maces. Include some (pierce) retaliation damage. To increase your DPS I suggest to craft a Mistborn Talisman as relic. If you lack the blueprint, you can farm it in Smuggler’s Pass and East March.

Okay thanks for all the info :slight_smile:

I will get a nice one handed mace and i was farming for making mistborn talisman :slight_smile:

Is juggernaut good to?

I will start farming aether crystals for devotion points reset :slight_smile:

i think build will be good :slight_smile:

The Mistborn Talisman provides you with Troll Rage, which will replace the basic default attack - so, assign it to your LMB. And you can also assign a celestial skill to it.

I think Juggernaut would be good for a Commando or a Warder, who already has one of his spammable class skills on LMB, and is using Vindictve Flame respectively Mogdrogen’s Pact.

what is troll rage?

And all i need for mistborn is the Bonecrusher (i believe is the name) :slight_smile:
After i change the build and try it i will farm smugglers pass :slight_smile:
I got a decent mace (magic) for now not to much loss of dps :slight_smile:
I hope i will find a better one soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help

I posted a build for you in your other thread. I am not 100% pleased with it.

You have a somewhat-to-very skewed view of what “reasonable damage” is. Judging from your builds.

It’s very possible to beat the game self-found with minimal farming and zero pieces of the Markovian set. You can do everything but Mad Queen and the Bourbons. You can massage 15k dps out of this even with no legendaries equipped, which is enough.

But, for a low gear character, Witchblade is far better.

Anything with +1 skills on it trumps anything else. So Juggernaut is very good, and probably best, until you can get Oleron’s Wrath.

okay so i changed my build.

I did all you showed me and changed it :slight_smile:
I am alot stronger but there is one thing.
I have extremely low DPS only around 800
But i do hit much harder please explain?

Not sure.

You probably have resist reduction that you didn’t have before which makes a big difference.

Now need to change your gear to go physical damage. Also upgrade your weapon. I would think you would get to 3k-4k tooltip dps by the end of Elite.

okay so i need to upgrade my gear :slight_smile:

I am very pleased with the tips i have gotten and how i changed my build.
i have more dps (tough it shows lower) but enemys die really fast.
I need better gear i find alot of epics and green (and also leggys but less ofcourse but mostly ofcourse for another class)

What gear would i need for my class?
and where is good place to get gear im mostly all over the place :stuck_out_tongue:
im doing some rep farming at cronleys gang (also dynamite)
im still going to do some death vigil (wan to get them both a rank up(addiantal hero spawns) before i go forward with the story.
Im also doing hidden path qeusts.
i also have obtained the mistborn talisman by killing destroyer of the worlds for the bonecrusher (i thought it would be harder but i geuss i got lucky with one try i got it)

So i have been getting some better gear and tweaking some things :slight_smile:

I just killed lucius the commander with ease.

I have 4721 dps :slight_smile:

I got 3 legendery items which probably help me alot :slight_smile:
i wonder if there any good but i bet they are :stuck_out_tongue:

Peerles eye of beronath
Deathwisper leggings
Wyrmscale boots

Thank you for all the help and tips :slight_smile:

Peerless Eye is great. +1 all skills. Put that on and don’t take it off.

So your character should be ok now.

yes my char is very good now :smiley:

Just one little qeustion left :)!

So trolls rage is a normal attack skill?
Is there any stronger one? i have a full olerons blood for example is it better or not?

Oleron’s blood is just a skill, not an auto replacer. The skill is pretty good for massive damage reduction against hard hitting bosses

What you want is Beronath’s Fury replacer from Shard of Beronath weapon component. It is actually straight up slightly weaker than troll rage, but in combination with an actual relic, Belgothian’s Carnage being ideal, it will do more damage and any of the higher end will offer +1 nightblade amongst other bonuses