Need help with build

My favorite class back in TQ was the Conqueror, I loved just charging into battle, dropping a banner and just face tanking everything with little to no worry. That’s what I’m looking for in GD, something kinda sword/board face tank starting farming character. I was thinking that a Commando or Warder would fit that but which do you think would do it better?

Warder is better for what you want. Check the skill Wendigo Totem. It is almost exactly what you were asking for.

Also, Warder is probably the easiest combo to have 0 gear issues, because you just bring so much innate stats to the table.

Warder can break 15K hp innately, while many builds struggle to even hit 10k. You’ll find your biggest issue will be damage, but with the recent massive Cadence buffs, not by much. Go Cadence with a 2H focus and using things like Kracken and Tree of Life, and you will have very high damage and durability.

EDIT : Here is a really rough’n’dirty build for you.

It has the devotions, which should be pretty close to optimal, and also has a pretty close to what you will want for skills. I’m making the assumption that you are getting at least +3 Soldier and +2 Shaman, but that is REALLY easy to do for a 2H warder. You can get +2 Soldier off of just the weapon alone, while your Relic will grant +1 Soldier, meaning you just need to find +2 Shaman between your belt, amulet, and armor set.

Yeah warder is certainly what youre looking for. I would recommend a retaliation/reflect build. You become practically unkillable, you just facetank everything and let stuff kill itself.

The build posted by Squib ( is a solid build that you can put together with very little gear, ofc when you do fully gear it out it becomes so much better.

I wouldn’t recommend a Retail build for a guy looking for good farming. Retail has some pretty glaring issues at times. Sure, you don’t die, but neither will ranged enemies or casters. You pretty much get excluded from some content as well.

Yeah, retaliation will not hit ranged enemies, but you have reflect to better deal with that. You can get a reasonable amount of reflect from devotion from what I remember, along with the proc from the Targo constellation.

Some form of vitality/bleed conjurer, or possibly a blade arc warder that focuses on bleed damage could be something to look in to as well.