Need help with my build

Hi guys, i’m a new beginner here and i really need your help.

I’m starting with NightBlade because i like speed, i’m level 14 i’ve choose Arcanist for magic but i’m not sur at the moment…

In fact, i want to hit fast & proc elemental skill (cold, my preference)

Do you have idea ?

And for statistics ?

At the moment, i have 174 Physics, 192 cunning and 116 spirit.

Not sur for skill point too, think so many points is useless right now…

If someone can help me for tell me what stats/skill take, thx so much.

Stat point allocation 101:

100% Phys.

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all point in physics ? o_o

Here, if you need ideas or advice for builds, try this thread:

Here is an example of a Nightblade + Arcanist build that uses lots of cold damage:

And, like jabs said, all points in Physique is usually a good idea on most characters - it will make you tankier (which is necessary to survive, especially the later difficulties), and it will allow you to wear all the best armour.

Think i’m should restart my character :confused:

Think i’m should restart my character :confused:

Thx for information. x)

You are welcome.

And do not feel too bad about having to scrap your character and start over.

I will not claim that ALL of us have had to, over the course of the Alpha~Beta~Final, but I have; on at least a couple of occasions.

My 100% Cunning Nightblade who STILL lacks the tools necessary to circumvent normative limitations, comes to mind.

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