Need help with my PRM Sorceress

Hello guys. My first character in GD was sorceress. I was new to a game, so I messed with skills and attributes alocation. Later I created few other characters and was and forgot about my first. Some time after I was able to find whole Iskandras set and I decided to give to sorceress so maybe she can become valuable hero in my list.
But I still dont know what to do. I have tried few builds, but damage output is very low - yellow mobs die slowly, heroes and bosses die VEEEEEERY slowly.
Can someone plese help me? I need suggestions how to improve this build. I want it to be based on PRM and elemental damage

IIRC elemental damage scales poorly for PRM. Aether damage supposedly works much better in that regard. Also it seems you over-invested in Demo there.

This is my thread about PRM sorceress.

As the comments from everyone. Even I squeeze out to the best as it can. PRM is still underpower spell. So if you don’t prepare and don’t have eager to play. Other spells are a lot better

I think you will fare better, if you get Flashbang. And I would move the devotion points from Crane, Owl, Empty Throne, Vulture and maybe Crossroads to Magi and Tempest.

PRM is mostly an AoE skill, so I think Crate limited its single target efficiency.

Totally untested idea - get rid of Callidor’s Tempest, and complement PRM with Aether Ray.

My English is very bad
My first character was with the same skill, but your gear is wrong. Electrocute the main causes a lot of damage.
I focused on Elemental damage + Electrocute. I have tried many builds with fire/poison etc. and that PRM was build with the highest damage.
Perhaps I am mistaken - there is no normal equipment.

Play a few days and I have the impression that in this game there is only one build “Damage Over Time + Defensive skills”. The difference of these builds only in animation.
I love to play a mage. In this game - magic is a disappointment.
In open locations, it is not convenient to collect mobs. Kite+DoT
In closed locations - a very tiny space. Tank+DoT
No normal control. This game lacks a lot of the dungeons are different types and tactics of warfare.
Yesterday killed the last boss on Normal difficulty and was very disappointed.

Sorry, but this is completely untrue. As if all viable builds would only be DoT + Kite builds, lol. There are LOTS of viable builds of all sorts, melee, ranged, casters, you name it. And every single damage type has some viable builds. On the contrary from your statement, it’s some DoT types that are impossible(vitality decay) or at least not easy(IT, pure Electrocute) to build around. So I suggest you check out the masses of builds in this subforum, as they show that build diversity is actually very very good in GD :slight_smile: And as somebody who almost exclusively plays casters, I can tell you that caster builds used to be a bit weak some time ago, but they received a lot of buffs since then, and now there are a lot of very viable caster builds in the game. The last patch even made Phantasmal Blades fun again :cool:

I havent played in a couple weeks but I did my best here. Someone else might be able to tweak this better:

I completely revamped your devotions, giving a mix of defensive, (turtle, tree of life, Ulo, Solemn Watcher), and offense, (Imp, Scholar’s Light, Oklaine’s Lantern), and most importantly resist reduction, (Viper, Widow).

I dropped CT to a 1 point wonder, redid the PRM line, (the base skill is unneeded, if I remember correctly), and gave you Aether Ray to help clear trash and Devastation to be dropped on heroes and elite packs.

I swapped your 50-point passive skill from Star Pact to Reckless Power, because as stated, PRM scales better with aether.

I maxed out Flashbang and Searing Light in Demo, because you need something for defense besides Olexra’s and that’s a great combo.

Your issue as far as damage goes, if I can take a guess, is your OA is only 2060. Most builds I see in Ulti are around 2300-2400 OA, I think you’re pretty low there.

Unfortunately, I feel you’ve gimped yourself here by going 50 into demo. It’s unneeded and brings almost nothing to the build. I’d try anything to get some more OA into the gear.

Thanks. It looks good, but not what I need. Its an aether/fire build with devastation and AAR. And I want to make elemental sorc.

Vulture and maybe Crossroads to Magi and Tempest.

But why? Those devotions are not elemental

Magi and Tempest are very elemental. There is also Amatok the Spirit of Winter, which I missed before. They just support only one element each. If you want another fire, ice and lightning constellation, then go for Blind Sage, but you do not meet its affinity requirement.

This is what I would go…