Need help with my Warlord build

I have just reached level 100 and I tried to reach level 25 in the arena thingy in the “Forgotten Gods Expansion” at Ultimate Difficulty but it was really hard. I barely completed level 5. So I wonder if someone out there could check out my build and give me some tips and tricks. I don’t mind respeccing my whole character if I have to.

Here is my build.

Thanks in advance.

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Sadly I don’t see why you need Soldier for fire Aegis. Demo or Inquisitor will be better support classes. Warlord if you go fire, perhaps only logical build is fire Forcewave, but that require certain gear.

Warlord is the king of physical damage. Physical Forcewave or Retaliation or DW melee with Cadence,physical EoR just pick your idea.

Stats, you need 2.7k at least both offensive and defensive ability. Field command for example is very good Soldier passive skill.

Thank you for the reply! After I picked Soldier I noticed that I picked the wrong choice but apparently I couldn’t change my class so I just tried to do the best of the situation. Which one of the Physical build do you recommend? Thanks again.

Physical Warlord is probably the strongest all around class in the game. If you don’t have full set, check @malawiglenn guide on physical Forcewave or Eye of Reckoning build. I also have Forcewave build for end game.

So it depends what kind of items you have and what style, you prefer.


I was just gonna say, that my cheap warlords will probably smoke that char out of the water in terms of damage and survival

The devotion tree is a mess, you wanna do fire damage but have no fire RR except the guardians. DA and OA is almost not existing. Armor is low and not 100% absorb. Good with that high physical res though.

This is my first character so I am pretty lost but I am starting to understand the game. I mostly don’t even understand the stats :<

You need enough Defensive ability not to be crit, Offensive ability to hit and maybe crit enemies. When you hover on them with the mouse after combat, you’ll see.

Also health, not that important, but around 12k is enough for most of the time. Physical RES and armor depends on style. Tanks can have lots of armor, casters need physical resistance stacking usually. I want 10-15% minimum on level 100 build.

All other resistances needs to be caped, overcap on aether or fire for example is welcomed.

Damage, for casters you want at least 2k% damage for your type. For melee you want as much flat as possible.

Speed, if you’re DW or 2h auto attacker, you want as much attack speed as possible. Same apply if you’re spamming some spells. Albrecht aether ray will want close to 200% cast speed.

Resistance reduction, you want all possible sources of - RR, one source from the other types. And so on…

I have come to the conclusion that I will rebuild my character to physical damage, to do that I need gear of course. So I will go into the Crucible to get some.

Thank you for all the help!

There is also plenty of faction gear to choose from that should speed up the processes in transitioning, also the freebie items Fettan mask and Totally normal shield can be good for starters.

There are two great threads by malawiglenn - Game mechanics guide and Collection of beginner friendly builds
I suggest you check them out

Thanks @Garfunkel I will check that out.

@malawiglenn I have revered rep in all of the factions, which items do you recommend? Let’s say that I am going for the Forcewave build.

Check the guide.

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Thank you guys again for the replies. I have now changed my character and geared up. I must say that it’s now a lot easier than it was before. Thanks again!

Man that was quick to get all that stuff :open_mouth: you must have been farming day and night

Haha, played 44 hours last 2 weeks so eh. Around 3 hours a day. Already had the Octavius helmet recipe so I just created the helmet 4 times and reforged it for the rest of the pieces. Also traded a few items/materials I had with other players :slight_smile:

Oh boy that’s more than what I play xD